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Did You Brush Your Teeth Today?

Did you brush your teeth this morning? Do you remember any details about the event? Chances are that you performed this task without thinking much about it. Which arm did you put through your shirtsleeve first? Did you have to plan this out before you

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We Need Coaches, Not Trainers

Here at the PITT you will not find any trainers, but you will find the COACHES you’re looking for. By definition a “trainer” is a person who trains people or animals. “Animals get trained, people get coached.” We don’t train people, we coac

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OUR Strength Training Blueprint for the Multi-Sport Athlete

This generation of youth athletes are starting to specialize in a single sport as early as the age of 7, and our stance at The PITT regarding this topic is simple…. DON’T DO IT.  Luckily for us here in Montana the climate and seasons help promote

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