The Pitt's mission is to provide young, dedicated athletes a unique and electric environment to compete, train, and maximize their potential in their position. As a family, The Pitt will strive to maintain a fun, energetic atmosphere with high expectations of being the market platform for athletic performance. With the vast knowledge and experience of our staff, The Pitt will enable each athlete to maximize their potential by tailoring workout regimens and nutritional programs specifically to the needs of that athlete. Above all, The Pitt expects to be a valuable resource and a leader in the community, helping others achieve and surpass their goals.


Our promise is to provide a unique and electric atmosphere where athletes are inspired and motivated to fulfill their dreams.

The Facility

The Pitt is made up of a team of highly trained professionals, with advanced equipment and strategies that focus on the strengths and imbalances of each individual athlete. The facility is equipped with 25 yards of sprint turf, over 250 sq. ft. of indoor sandpit, live & replay camera systems, power and speed analyzers, an outdoor training area, in-house physical therapists, and an array of top the line strength and conditioning equipment. This facility and equipment, put into the hands of renowned coaches, is a recipe for success in athletic training.