Training Thoughts: Persistence

With the rising popularity of social media, we all inevitably get exposed to hundreds of training videos a week that fly by on our social media feeds. Some of these videos give us a glimpse into the training life of professional athletes, fitness models, and occasionally but not often the average joe. In fact, right now I bet you can easily find an article on your Facebook page arguing one exercise over the other, this program over that one, the ultimate fat loss program, and so on. All of this stuff can be overwhelming to the person who is just now adopting fitness into their life, to the person who wants to make a change for the better, to the person who didn’t get the results they were hoping for, and to the person who just doesn’t know any better. The goal should not be to conform people to a training program, it should be to help them! Here is the big secret……….there is no secret! SHOW UP! PERIOD!

“Water does not cut through rock because of its’ power, but because of its’ persistence.” Surround yourself with likeminded people who want the same things you want, show up, and keep showing up. All too often people are led to believe the best program is the next program. These people don’t stick with something long enough to reap the benefits and all that is left is a nasty taste in their mouths and bad feelings about that previous training program. The truth is people are afraid to work these days. This is especially true if that work is emotionally attached to the results. The second those results don’t show up or they change, they quit; and they quit before ever really even starting. How long did it take for you to get to the weight you’re at today? How long have you been eating the type of foods you have been eating? And you want that all that to get fixed in 8 weeks?! Committing to the process is not enough! The key is “committing to the process without being emotionally attached to the results” – Inky Johnson. Some weeks you are going to lose some weight, some weeks you aren’t. Some days you are going to feel strong, some days you aren’t. The second you decide you’re going to do what you do, because it is who you are,  you will flourish. Show up,work hard, PERIOD.  Don’t do it because you are chasing something, do it because that is who you are!