We Need Coaches, Not Trainers

Here at the PITT you will not find any trainers, but you will find the COACHES you’re looking for. By definition a “trainer” is a person who trains people or animals. “Animals get trained, people get coached.” We don’t train people, we coach them here at The PITT.

The three driving principles behind the PITT (Desire, Drive, Discipline) come from our experience in the athletics world which includes 6 years in the NFL, 2 Super bowl appearances, and 3 national collegiate football championships. Just like in athletics, in order to succeed in life you need to possess the desire to win every single day, you need the drive to put in the work necessary to prepare yourself, and lastly you need the discipline to do that work the right way. These principles are the driving force for the programming, culture, and community for our young athletes and adults as well.

As former athletes, we all hold the term “coach” near and dear to our hearts which inherently forces us to hold ourselves to a higher standard here at The PITT. A problem exists when professionals don’t understand the definition of their job, and more often than not they choose to abuse their power rather than to do their job! As a mentor of mine Martin Rooney would say “If you don’t know the definition of your job, you don’t know what your job is, then you are probably not doing it!” So what is the definition of COACH? If you ever look it up you will find this: 1. A horse-drawn carriage, 2. A railroad car, or 3. In economy class accommodations in an aircraft. What do all three of these things have in common? They all take you somewhere that you want to go! That is our job description.

In the fitness industry I see a lot of articles, videos, blogs, etc… all centered around training knowledge. This exercise is the best, this program gets the best results, this is how to coach the squat, this is what you should and should not eat. And don’t get me wrong, us knowing these things as professionals is extremely important, but at the end of the day people don’t need somebody who just has knowledge. They need someone who can get them to do it! “Trainers light fires under people, coaches light fires inside of people.” – Martin Rooney



Sean Herrin – Sean is the Performance Manager at the PITT Training Facility located in Bozeman, MT.  Prior to returning to Montana, he was the Sports Performance Director at Velocity Sports Performance in Redondo Beach, CA heading the performance programs for athletes ranging from the elementary level all the way up to the professional and Olympic level.