Welcome to The Pitt

Welcome to The Pitt

Come join us at our innovative Bozeman, MT training facility

Welcome to The Pitt Training Facility! We’re an athletic training service located in Bozeman, Montana. We’re fueled by Dane Fletcher, the integrated leader in performance training, nutrition and physical therapy for athletes in competitive sports.

We’re not just another gym or personal trainer for the Bozeman, Montana region. We’re a cutting-edge fitness facility that’s dedicated to turning good Highschool, College and Adult athletes into legends, one transformative workout at a time.

You’ll benefit from a cutting-edge training regimen

The Pitt Training Facility was built with athletes like you in mind. At our strength training facility in Bozeman, Montana, we strive to create targeted, comprehensive workouts. We want to enhance your:

  • Strength
  • Explosive power
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Flexibility

Additionally, it’s our goal to minimize the potential for athletic injuries.

You’ll receive serious fitness advice

The Pitt wants to help you achieve your goals in a variety of sports and positions. To accomplish that mission, we’ve teamed up with Brian McDonough, the owner of Edge Performance Systems. McDonough has trained over 250 professional athletes over the course of his career. Athletes across the country have field-tested his program, and it’s been proven to be successful.

The Pitt has also teamed up with the sports physical therapists of Bridger Orthopedics. These board-certified therapists work right here at our Bozeman, Montana athletic training facility. This partnership allows athletes to complete their rehab in a full-service gym, thereby bridging the gap between the rehab process and their return to athletic competition. We’ve found that this approach reduces the risk of re-injury.

Mission statement

The Pitt’s mission is to provide young, dedicated athletes with a unique and electric environment in which to compete, train and maximize their potential in their chosen sports position.

As a family operation, The Pitt strives to maintain a fun, energetic atmosphere. We have high expectations of serving as the launching pad for your enhanced athletic performance. With the vast knowledge and experience of our staff, The Pitt will enable each athlete to maximize their potential by tailoring workout regimens and nutritional programs designed to meet the specific needs of that athlete.

Above all, The Pitt expects to be a valuable resource and a leader in the Bozeman, Montana community and beyond, helping others to achieve and surpass their goals.

Brand promise

Our promise is to provide a unique, electric atmosphere where athletes are inspired and motivated to fulfill their dreams.

Directions & Hours

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    3717 Equestrian Lane
    Bozeman, MT 59718


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